Egch or older sister is a great little personality in Mongolian family. She is the same time a friend and a nun for her younger brothers and sisters. In absence of mother or she is too busy with livestock, making diary food or cooking, the egch\older sister\ is almost a mother taking care of younger kids. Egch is "a right hand" of mother. Dundgovi or middle Gobi Province. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

upper orkhon

Upper Orkhon River near Hujirt. A few years ago, a sudden rain caused death of many school children in this area. Grabbing from bush trees, the children were desperately waiting for help for long hours. Rescuers with a helicopter could not save most of children. It's a very tragic story...There is a song about these boys and girls who lost their young lives in this river. Photo taken on July 18th, 2015 by me, Bolod.


Belgium-Mongolia match. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


A hard-working boy in Mongolian countryside. I barely found this moment for his portrait. The boy is very hard-working and helpful to his grand-father who milks camels in absence of his wife who went to Ulaanbaatar. Photo taken on August 21st, 2015 me, by Bolod.

fishing in lake

Fishing at Ugii Nuur or Ugii Lake in Arkhangai Aimag\central Western Mongolia\. These two tourists caught no single fish. Instead, a Russian man who came here next day with his sons, caught a taimen. At caunteen of a tourist camp that on hill next the lake, there was no fish to eat. By the way, Mongolia's fishing championships are often held in this lake. 20.8.2015. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

 orphan camel

Still not entered in to the ger. The baby camel lost her mother and is being since fed mostly by milk of goats. No worries, the baby certainly knows of No entrance policy. Four legs of the baby are still outside. The family who lives in the ger in Mongolia's Uvurkhangai Province additionally gives to the baby some nutritions. 05.8.2015. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


A little son of a Buryat herder-shaman who lives in a valley near Onon River in Bat Shireet county of the eastern Hentii Province is now tying his wooden "horse" from his log house after the riding. I had a fun to borrow the "horse" from him. Riding "wooden" horse was very popular among little children in Central Asia since immemorable time. Stones, wood, leaves, flowers and baby goat and baby sheeps are still main toys for rural children in Mongolia. Children normally start horse riding with the wooden ones. But, in Ulaanbaatar's downtown, most children never rode any type of horses, I'm afraid. Photo by Bolod N. Mukhadi.

 immensity in gobi

Immensity in Dundgobi or middle Gobi and a camel and baby camels.The babies are being milked by family of Mr.Hurelchuluun or "bronzestone" who owns more than 100 camels in Huld County of Dundgobi.  Photo taken by me, Bolod.


summer day

Having a nice summer holiday with grand-parents. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

milking mares

08.7.2015. If we came here 800 years earlier from now, we could have had a similar  picture. Although it's fairly dry in Mongolia, most herder families have started milking mares for making fermented mare's milk drink-airag. Mares are normally milked every 2 hours. 

If William of Rubruck who stayed in Mongolia in 1253-1254 had a camera, he could have taken similar pictures of milking mares. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


19.6.2015. A group of participants of Conference of "Herders with Thousands of Lifestock" in held in Ulaanbaatar. 800 delegates of herders selected from all over Mongolia attended the conference in order to discuss issues that face 300 000 herders who raise 60 mln. animals in the country. Most of them, of course, employ assistant-herders in order deal these numerous animals. Photo taken by me, Bolod. 


Help comes here also from abraod. Belgium travellers and my driver aiding a herder to load his horses on truck. The man and his 2 children will take the horses to village for Naadam races today. Their village has another nice name- Gurvanbulag or "Three springs". 29.7.2015. Photo taken by me, Bolod. 

milking camel

Milking camels. We met a herder milking about 10-15 camels and his son helping father. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


"-I'm waiting for my mom to finish milking".

Will the little girl be a herder like her mother and father when she grows up? A study shows that 60% of children of nomads don't dream of following the lifestyle of their parents. It's really sad if it comes true.  I took this photo at a nomadic campement in one of valleys of Hugnu Khaan Mountain in county, Bulgan Province. By the way, the Mongolia's only austronaut Gurragchaa grew up in this very valleys. Photo by me, Bolod N. Mukhadi.

making up

Making up in morning. Simple but nice. After the make-up, she would probably have some breakfast with suutei tsai\tea with milk\, urum\milk cream\ and bortsog\fried butter cookies\ with sugar. So, another happy summer day is starting for the little girl who is here under care of her grand-mother, a older sister and few others in this nomadic settlement. She, herself cares of her younger sister and younger brother. Photo taken by me, Bolod N Mukhadi.