Camping in eastern Mongolia. These two cute and little dogs are of our tonight's neigboors-a nomad family. The tent of my travellers is seen above the dog. By the way, I had a little dog like these here and named it as Burged\"Eagle"\ when I was a school boy. The dog lived a long life that at end he got very old and could not see well . Photo taken by me, Bolod.

northern hentii

In Batshireet County of Northern Hentii. Steppe and foresr fires were ravaging last spring in eastern Mongolia-Hentii, Dornod and Sukhbaatar provinces. In dry seasons-spring and autumn, wildfires in these provinces with high and dense grasses and forests are the annual headache for Mongolia. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Photo circa 1938-1939. Till 1960s, camel was the main transport animal in Mongolia. Now pick-up trucks completely made Mongolian centuries- old caravan animals unemployed in most regions of the country. When I watch this photo, I recall my grand-father who got broken his leg while he was labouring in a caravan. They were in two in that caravan with many heavily loaded carts pulled by camels. Lifting hands of heavy loaded cart caused my grandfather the severe injury. My grand-mother recalled that he hardly came home alive. Sad story.

I'm also sorry for camels of today. A few nomads use their camels for moving or bringing water. Photo by Lomunov Alexsandr Nikolaevich.

cheese making

Making cheese in a Mongolian herder's camp. A rock has been put on in order press out liquid. They could even put a tire of cart on. Photo by me, Bolod. 


Wow, delicious!!! It's almost smelling from my computer. Horkhog or barbeque is ready in a Mongolian herder's ger tent: hot stones are being taken out by one by one, potatoes also, then pieces of goat meat...It smells delicious! Let's have a dinner! I can't wait. \Solar battery gives a good light in herder' tent \ Photo taken by me, Bolod.

ancient monuments

Ancient monuments in Tuul River Valley, Central Mongolia. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


2013.8.16. Relaxing, no hurries here too. Horgo, an extinct crater near Tariat Village, Mongolia's central -north western Arkhangai Province. There are 6 craters in this area only including the well-known and fresh-looking Horgo crater which is found only 5-6 km to east from Tsagaan Lake\"White Lake"\. Central western Mongolia is rich in volcanoes and lavas. In this area ervery stone is a lava. But south-eastern Sukhbaatar Province's Erdenetsagaan County is the richest with its 300 extinct craters spreading in plain grasslands. Photo taken by me, Bolod N. Mukhadi.

baby waiting

30.8.2011. Baby is patiently waiting for his\her parents to finish evening milking. In Mongolia, till a baby is 3- year old and gets first hair cut ceremony, stranger or guest can't say if the child is a boy or a girl.  It's a long standing tradition in this country. Photo taken by me, Bolod. 



Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg\29.12.1885-15.9.1921\ The Mongols used to call him as Baron Janjin or "Baron Top Commander".

In June of 1912, he, Baron Ungern, a 27-year old officer of Tsar Russian  Army, travelled on horseback from north-eastern Mongolia to far-western Kobdo area to volunteer in incoming battles for the city...Ugalz or Ulz River- River-Urga City-Van Huree-Ulyastai-Jargalant-Har -Us Lake-Kobdo...

In October, 1920 he came again to Mongolia. This time he was not alone, he was with his Asian Cavalry Division that consisted largely from ethnic Mongol soldiers from Inner Mongolia and Russia ...

summer view

15.6.2015. After windy spring, summer has now come in whole Mongolia. At last nomads, children, dogs and amimals all seem to be relaxed. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

milking starts1

15.6.2015. First experiences. Baby horses have just been tied up to "zel" or the tethering-line. They are already 2 or 3 month-old, so they have to now share mother's milk with the family. Family of a herder in Tenkher Valley\"Blue valley"\  is starting today annual milking season for airag\traditional fermented mare's milk drink\. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

 yak land

Foreign travellers wrote books of Mongilia such as "Land of Lamas"\by William Woodville Rockhill\ in 1891 and "The Land of the Camel"\by Schuyler Cammann\ in 1951. Many other travellers may have recalled Mongolia as  a Land of Yak too. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

read this very interesting book of Mongolia online here "Land of the Lamas: notes of a journey through China, Mongolia and Tibet". 


I still recall name of the father-Dashdorj, which is tibetan name that is still popular in Mongols. Name of his son I forgot, unfortunately. If I'm not mistaken it was Mongolian. During socialist time\1921-1990\ people gave Mongol names to their children up to 80%. Since 1990 many Mongols gave tibetan names to their children. By the way, my name Bolod is Mongoian and it means "iron", so I'm an ironman. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

a ger

Can you spot a ger down in this wide valley like steppe?  Photo taken by me, Bolod.

riding a baby sheep

So we have arrived in this previously spotted family. The boy entertains himself during the day by numerious games like the riding a "horse" this fast. The "horse" born only a few days ago, as you can see. There is also seen a baby cow tied to the ger. It's almost an "international kindergarden" here. The little boy is 5 and is one of 3 sons of a herder. The youngest is only 2-month old and the oldest son is 12. Photo taken by me, Bolod N. Mukhadi.