baby waiting

30.8.2011. Baby is patiently waiting for his\her parents to finish evening milking. In Mongolia, till a baby is 3- year old and gets first hair cut ceremony, stranger or guest can't say if the child is a boy or a girl.  It's a long standing tradition in this country. Photo taken by me, Bolod. 



Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg\29.12.1885-15.9.1921\ The Mongols used to call him as Baron Janjin or "Baron Top Commander".

In June of 1912, he, Baron Ungern, a 27-year old officer of Tsar Russian  Army, travelled on horseback from north-eastern Mongolia to far-western Kobdo area to volunteer in incoming battles for the city...Ugalz or Ulz River- River-Urga City-Van Huree-Ulyastai-Jargalant-Har -Us Lake-Kobdo...

In October, 1920 he came again to Mongolia. This time he was not alone, he was with his Asian Cavalry Division that consisted largely from ethnic Mongol soldiers from Inner Mongolia and Russia ...

summer view

15.6.2015. After windy spring, summer has now come in whole Mongolia. At last nomads, children, dogs and amimals all seem to be relaxed. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

milking starts1

15.6.2015. First experiences. Baby horses have just been tied up to "zel" or the tethering-line. They are already 2 or 3 month-old, so they have to now share mother's milk with the family. Family of a herder in Tenkher Valley\"Blue valley"\  is starting today annual milking season for airag\traditional fermented mare's milk drink\. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

 yak land

Foreign travellers wrote books of Mongilia such as "Land of Lamas"\by William Woodville Rockhill\ in 1891 and "The Land of the Camel"\by Schuyler Cammann\ in 1951. Many other travellers may have recalled Mongolia as  a Land of Yak too. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

read this very interesting book of Mongolia online here "Land of the Lamas: notes of a journey through China, Mongolia and Tibet". 


I still recall name of the father-Dashdorj, which is tibetan name that is still popular in Mongols. Name of his son I forgot, unfortunately. If I'm not mistaken it was Mongolian. During socialist time\1921-1990\ people gave Mongol names to their children up to 80%. Since 1990 many Mongols gave tibetan names to their children. By the way, my name Bolod is Mongoian and it means "iron", so I'm an ironman. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

a ger

Can you spot a ger down in this wide valley like steppe?  Photo taken by me, Bolod.

riding a baby sheep

So we have arrived in this previously spotted family. The boy entertains himself during the day by numerious games like the riding a "horse" this fast. The "horse" born only a few days ago, as you can see. There is also seen a baby cow tied to the ger. It's almost an "international kindergarden" here. The little boy is 5 and is one of 3 sons of a herder. The youngest is only 2-month old and the oldest son is 12. Photo taken by me, Bolod N. Mukhadi.

girl in village

A girl is going home after todya's classes at village school.  It's very possible that her parents live in the countryside with their livestock and she stays in the village during school seasons. As most children in countryside, may be she and her brothers or sisters are under care of grand-parents this village called Ulziit of Uvurkhangai Province.  Photo by me, Bolod.

swan lake

Beautiful and peaceful here. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Three men disguised as pilgrims on the way to reach Lhasa in Tibet. \left\Shagdur, a Russian Buryat-cossack,  \center\Sven Hedin, a famous Swedish explorer and Shereb, a Mongol lama from Urga\which is now called Ulaanbaatar\.  Disguising as a Mongol and wearing sunglasses,  Sven Hedin tried to became first European to enter in the forbidden for foreigners City" of Lhasa after Huc and Gabet who visited it in 1845. Photo taken in 1901.


A Mongol woman collecting argal or dried dungs for fuel. Mongol women collected million tonnes of dried dungs in last centuries for cooking and heating. Looking at this photo, I recall of my grand mother whose sacred duty was collection of dungs too. If I had a magic chance, I would have erected in Ulaanbaatar a big monument of a woman collecting argal like her and my own grand-mother in memory of all mother-herders. Thank you all for your the great sacrifice!!! Photo taken by me, Bolod.

orkhon valley

A good even place for lunch found here, on top of a mountain adjacent to volcanic Orkhon River. A group of Belgium travellers chatting while waiting for lunch comes served. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

rock paintings

Figures of horses depicted thousand years ago by unknown artists are still seen very clear. We visited this wall gallery on Hangiday Rock that shelters a herder's campement to south from Dashinchilen Village of south-western Bulgan Province. In Mongolia rock paintings show various animals like deers, volves, camels, hunting scenes, battles, rituals of shamanism and other episods of human life. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

learning hard

The daughter of nomad family learning this hard in ger\mobile felt home\. Photo taken by me, Bolod