immensity east

Immensities in Eastern Mongolia. The least populated region of least populated country. Having dense and tall grasses Easterrn Mongolia is vulnerable to steppe and forest fires. Fires are frequent in dry seasons from late March till end of April as well as from September till end of October here. This spring 3 eastern provinces Sukhbaatar, Hentii and Dornod have suffered a lot from wildfires. The worst losses have had Sukhbaatar Province. Some gers or felt homes of nomads and many lifestock got burnt in fire. Photo taken by me, Bolod


Well prepared for winter. The family looks to stay warm in coming winter because they have stored a big wall of dried dungs which is seen behind for fuel. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

we met him

We met him outside his winter camp. He probably came home here from village school on weekend. Photo taken by me, Bolod


1939. Life of Soviet soldiers stationed in Mongolia in the eve of war with Japan in Halhiin Gol area in far south-eastern Mongolia. Did you notice that white ger had fairly tall roof? Mongol ger used to be this tall that it much fairly water proof. Since we lowered ger since 1940-1950s it needed additionally water proof layers although it was more easy manufacture them in masses...   Photo by Lomunov Alexandr Nikolaevich.

milking c1

Mongolia. Milking a bactrian camel in winter. Camel gives a birth in every two years. This  family from Bayannuur\"rich lake"\ county of the central western Bulgan Aymag\province\ has about 50 camels, makes several dairy products including nice cheese of camel milk and sells them on market. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


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Breathtaking scenic view on the way to shooting ranges near military camp located somewhere in Mongolia. It's bitterly cold outsite. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Soccer. World Cup Final-2014. Belgium-Mongolia.13.7.2014. Photo taken by Bolod.


Getting dressed in a 13th  century Mongol queen in Chingis Khaan's Equestrian Monument Complex located at 65km east from Ulaanbaatar. Photo taken by Bolod.

argal tuukh

The girl herder family is showing us "argal tuukh" or collecting dried dungs for fuel-one of centuries-old activities of Central Asian nomads -with help of arag, an special net. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Naadam festival is nearing. While cooking dinner, my guests were enjoying to see training horses by herders from this close distance. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


"A goat: -I'm very curious if a goat can join your Facebook too. Here is my profile photo. I'm this beatiful. Otherwise I will have to wait for my incarnation in a human for membership. This monastery behind me might help me".
My goat Mongolian is not good. Sorry if my translation was not correct. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


19.5.2015. I was happily surprised to see this Mongol woman holding a new-born baby sheep to wear Buryat style hat. The woman said Buryat hat is getting fairly popular among women in that area. RS: Buryats are ethnic Mongols predominantly living in Russia. Unfortunately, the Buryats in Russia rarely wear their traditional beautiful hats and clothes.

The woman said two children playing buzily in and out ger were twins.

Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Horses, a boy, gers, a house, spaces and sky. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


1913. Mongolian graduates of Military School after 6-month drilling in Hujirbulan near Urga\Ulaanbaatar\ and their Russian instructors led by Vasiliev G.T. The Russian instructors came to Mongolia in March, 1912.

20 year- old Sukhbaatar Damdin\02.02.1893-20.02.1923\, one of first 5 Mongols promoted to officer rank sits 2-nd\white jacket\ in left in front line. By the way, the monument to Sukbaatar Damdin stands on Chingis Khaan's Square in Ulaanbaatar.