Getting dressed in a 13th  century Mongol queen in Chingis Khaan's Equestrian Monument Complex located at 65km east from Ulaanbaatar. Photo taken by Bolod.

argal tuukh

The girl herder family is showing us "argal tuukh" or collecting dried dungs for fuel-one of centuries-old activities of Central Asian nomads -with help of arag, an special net. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Naadam festival is nearing. While cooking dinner, my guests were enjoying to see training horses by herders from this close distance. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


"A goat: -I'm very curious if a goat can join your Facebook too. Here is my profile photo. I'm this beatiful. Otherwise I will have to wait for my incarnation in a human for membership. This monastery behind me might help me".
My goat Mongolian is not good. Sorry if my translation was not correct. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


19.5.2015. I was happily surprised to see this Mongol woman holding a new-born baby sheep to wear Buryat style hat. The woman said Buryat hat is getting fairly popular among women in that area. RS: Buryats are ethnic Mongols predominantly living in Russia. Unfortunately, the Buryats in Russia rarely wear their traditional beautiful hats and clothes.

The woman said two children playing buzily in and out ger were twins.

Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Horses, a boy, gers, a house, spaces and sky. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


1913. Mongolian graduates of Military School after 6-month drilling in Hujirbulan near Urga\Ulaanbaatar\ and their Russian instructors led by Vasiliev G.T. The Russian instructors came to Mongolia in March, 1912.

20 year- old Sukhbaatar Damdin\02.02.1893-20.02.1923\, one of first 5 Mongols promoted to officer rank sits 2-nd\white jacket\ in left in front line. By the way, the monument to Sukbaatar Damdin stands on Chingis Khaan's Square in Ulaanbaatar.


The little baby is already "training" to be a horseman. He first has to become a horseman, then may be a teacher, a pilot or a nomad as his parents who both are seen on the photo too. I wish he and more other children become herdsmen. By the way, like him, Mongol babies are born with blond hairs although the hairs slowly turn in dark when children grow up. Hentii Province. 04.8.2012.

wi fi

I took this photo 4 years ago from now- in 2011. Protests by civil and green movements and herders against mining companies on Chinggis Khaan's Square in Ulaanbaatar.

But free Wi-Fi is not anymore on the square since many months and Mr.Munkhbayar, one of leaders of civil green movement is in jail for his extreme behavour. Photo by me, Bolod.

focatching a tourist

A Mongol herder "catching" a foreign tourist by urga or lasso. \remember Nikita Mikhalkov's "Urga" movie\
Mongolia's famous human right activist Mr.Bolod is chanting slogans here: Stop Human Right Violation in Mongolia!!! Stop Using Lasso for Taking Hostage!!! Free Poor Hostage!!!
But other activists are very sceptical about the credibility of the Bolod's campaign because of smiling image of the "victim".
Photo taken by me, Bolod.

grabbing a lasso

A contest on grabbing up a lasso from ground while riding fast is going on during local Naadam Festival. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


A French "king", "Chinggis Khaan" and an English "queen"Alex Needham. Baasan\in center\is a famous inner Mongolian actor from China who played Chinggis Khaan in a popular movie. Mr. Baasan happened to be at Chinggis Khaan's Equestrian Monument Complex when we visited it. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Eastern Mongolia. French girls and a Mongol guide-nomad who was showing us a cave found nearby his temperary camp. Photo taken by me, Bolod


Everybody is going today to horserace held in countryside. Mongols are clearly mad of their semi-wild horses.
Jokey-boy, a participant of the races and his father are heading for horserace of Naadam festival. Although, by law, a joker has to be not younger 7, some very young children of ages 5 or 6, unfortunately manage go through paper restrictions. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Neighboors just for a night. Photo taken by me, Bolod.