August 15, 2023. Photo by Bolod.


September 29th, 2023.

7-day trip to southern Mongolia for 3 Canadian travellers starts. Photo by Bolod.


Trip no.544. June 22-July 09, 2017 /Gobi and Huvsgul Lake/ for Mr.Bernhard Noelske and his wife.

Since 2004, Mr.Gerel went as a driver in very many trips of the Bolod Tours. He also was in many tours without a translator that meant he had to be a guide too. Unfortunately, 3 years ago, the great friend of mine and Bolod Tours deceased because of illness.

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 14-Day Trip to Central Western Mongolia for Belgium Group from Joker Agency. July 15th-28th, 2017.


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6 day1

The sun is rising in eastern steppes. Another day starts. The date today is June 20th, 2017. Photo is taken by Bolod.

6 day2

Rainbows are seen after a sudden rain in historic Hudo Aral steppes where Chingis Khaan set up his first capital Aurug in 1189. But the land is now indeed empty. Because almost all the population which lived in here and in whole Mongolia in 13th century went on wars and never returned. This silent steppes also saw Ugudei Khaan and Munkh Khaan... Photo is taken by Bolod.

6 day

Having a breakfast near "temporary neighbors" - a camp of herder family . Photo taken by Bolod.


Routine moments at a herder's  camp.

June17th, 2017. Photo taken by Bolod

6 day0

The least touristic region of Mongolia or having breakfast on the bank of Onon River. The 816 km long Onon River takes its sources in Hentii mountains and flows out to Russia's Siberia. Photo is taken by Bolod.


A Canadian asked me to bring him to the least touristic region of Mongolia. So we went to east-Hentii Aimag or province which is the birth area of Chingis Khaan.

Driving to northern areas of Hentii province.

June 17th, 2017. Photo taken by Bolod.


Шатонов Максар Дармаeвич or Schatunov Maxsim\1918.1.15-1945.2.22\. Native of village of Jemchug, Tunkin area, Buryat-Mongol Autonomous Republic of Soviet Union. Leutenant. Served in Soviet army since 1936. Assistant to Chief of Staff of the 727th Anti-tank Artillery Regiment of 18th ArmyCaptured in combat: Village of Andreevka, Zaporogie Oblast. The Buryat Mongol soldier died in German POW camp in Nurnberg.


April 20th, 2017. The travellers from Colombia-Ale and Gabriel are enjoying their travel to Mongolian countryside and its inhabitants-herders. The nomad man standing behind got the title of "Myangat Malchin" \"A Herder with 1000 Animals"\ three years ago.

By the end of 2016, the number of livestock in Mongolia totalled 61.5mln: horses- 3.6mln, cows- 4.0, camels- 0.4mln, sheeps- 27.9mln and goats- 25.6 mln  by the end of 2016.

Photo is taken by Bolod.